About Us

About Us

Dear friends, colleagues and associates,

In the maritime field with its young, dynamic and modern chemical tanker fleet, our company that aims to be the best in the sector, offering a high standard of service to customers with the main principle, combining human and environmental factors, labors to give a better service to our customers since its foundation.

Since 2002 until present day our company continues to increase their chemical and petroleum tanker operations competently administered by experienced office staff and crew. In this sector we have made a name for ourselves that is preferred by major oil companies and first class tenants.

The standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 that our company put into practice integratedly to the current system to provide a more qualified service at the end of 2011, has increased awareness and duty towards our employees and to the environment and has affected the further development of the system positively.

The key factor of our success is, our colleagues are formed from devoted people who perform their duties in the best way and render a good team work combining by cooperation with the office ship and vibrant with love of the sea, such that I call them “my family".

We would like to extend our thanks to all our precious team members served who contributed their efforts for our company reaches the present day, to the friends working in the firms we’ve done business with and to the customers we’ve served so far.

Mercan Holding

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